29th April 2017 at 8am.
Ullswater Way Challenge
The Ullswater Way is a brand new 20 mile long distance walk that, you guessed it, circumnavigates Ullswater in the Lake District, it even manages one of Alfred Wainwright’s summits on the route. Its an ideal walk to raise money for charity and as it only opened in 2016 then you could be one of the first to catch on and do it in it’s entirety in one day – that’s got to be worth a few quid to your favourite charity from your work colleagues? This is the first time we have run this walk so if it proves popular then other dates may be added.
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26th May 2017 at 10am.
High Cup and the Pennine Way
I’m normally pretty good at writing descriptions of walks but words fail me when it comes to High Cup – its just jaw droppingly amazing! I mean just look at the picture (and that doesn’t really do it justice). It’s like England’s version of the Grand Canyon and if it was closer to London you would never hear the end of it. This walk showcases the very best of this monumental natural wonder by walking up from the village of Dufton right through the middle of it. When we reach the end then there is an easy scramble up to the top where you can enjoy the view straight back down it before returning to Dufton along the Pennine Way. The total length of the walk is around 10 miles of absolutely amazing countryside and a walk I promise that you will never forget
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20th June 2017 at Midnight.
Scafell Pike Solstice Sunrise
Where better to see the sunrise than from the highest point in England? Definitely something to be on your bucket list. Starting from Wasdale Head we walk up the tourist route to the summit in the dark before waiting for the sun to come up over the Cumbrian mountains and the whole of England beneath your feet – its making me inspired just typing about it. The great thing about this walk is if you have never been up before then the whole view will be revealed to you for the first time in jaw dropping splendour as, of course, you never saw any of it on the way up and will have waited around in the pitch dark until the first rays creep across the landscape.
Just a little caveat; the view is pretty much weather dependant and whilst I’m good I can’t control the clouds … yet! If you like the idea of this walk then perhaps also check out our Snowdon Sunset and Ingleborough Sunset walks.
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23th June 2017 at 10am.
Striding Edge and Helvellyn
An arête is a sharp, narrow ridge between two valleys formed by the action of two parallel glaciers and whilst there aren’t too many in England and this walk takes in two of them. Starting from the village of Patterdale we head steadily uphill before the first edge of the day. Striding Edge is an excellent example of an arête and whilst not the scariest in the country is possibly the longest at around 700 metres. It leads unerringly to the summit of Helvellyn, England’s third highest mountain and then we return via another ridge, Swirral Edge and back down to Patterdale. A classic Lakeland walk that always features in top 10 British walks and something every walker should have on their CV.

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