14th May 2017 at 5.30pm
Snowdon Sunset
For this walk we shall meet outside the Railway Station in Llanberis but no trains for us. We shall head up the Llanberis Path, a nice gentle route up to the top of Wales’ highest point. There will probably be a few people heading down as we ascend giving us puzzled looks but by the time we get to the top most people will be at home having their tea whilst we wait for the sun to descend below the Irish Sea and we head back down in the dark (don’t forget your head torches). If you like the idea of this walk then also check out our Scafell Sunrise and Ingleborough Sunset walks.

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14th June 2017 at 10am
Quiet Snowdon
Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales is absolutely beautiful. However, it does have one small problem, its incredibly popular and even has a railway going up to the top, which means it, gets crowded. Heading up the Llanberis, Miner’s or Pyg Tracks on a weekend is just a constant stream of people which unfortunately detracts from what is an incredibly scenic mountain. Luckily, I know a way up that avoids all these hordes, well until you get to the top anyway. Starting from the railway station car park in Rhyd Ddu my super secret route ascends via old quarries and little used paths until it pops out right by the café at the top where you can breath in a bit of civilisation before heading back down via another spectacular but not so busy route to the start point. The overall distance is around 10 miles and by doing it midweek should be your best opportunity of having the mountain almost to yourselves.

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