13th November 2016 at 9am.
Bleaklow Air Crash Walk
A Rememberance Day walk to visit some of the aircraft crash sites on Bleaklow. Leaving from Old Glossop the terrain is initially easy but gets much steeper as we head up Ashton Clough and on to the mountain's plateau. The top of the moors on Bleaklow are notoriously boggy but full of interest with not only the crash sites but the chance to see mountain hares whose coat should be turning white at this time of year. Places are strictly limited and a full kit list will be sent out to those interested.
Cost will be £12 per person of which £2 will be donated to Glossop Mountain Rescue Team.

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20th November 2016 at 10am.
Kinder Downfall
Lots of people have been up Kinder Scout, Derbyshire’s highest point and historic landmark in Britain’s walking history but this takes a slightly different perspective. Kinder Downfall is the waterfall that drops off the top of the plateau and is one of the highlights of the first day of the Pennine Way. This walk starts from Bowdon Bridge Quarry car park in Hayfield and approaches the downfall from the bottom before a scramble up on to the plateau and a return via Kinder Low. Lots of rough, off path walking will make this a little more challenging than the usual wander to the top of the Downfall but gives a wonderfully unique view of Kinder Scout that not many people will have had.

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